Child Care Initiative

We recognize the significant strain that this pandemic is placing on working families with school aged children, and we want to help. The Hampton PTA is partnering with the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce to raise funds to assist families who are struggling with the financial burden of paying for additional child care while they work.

If you are searching for child care options for your child(ren) and need assistance with these costs, please contact District Social Worker Emily Buchan at 603-858-9810 or by email at for more information.

Please know that all communication will be kept strictly confidential, and no identifying information will be shared with the PTA, the Chamber or any other party.

Again, this is a partnership between the Hampton PTA, Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce, and SAU 90.

Financial Assistance

If an individual or business who wishes to contribute financially they may do so. Any donated funds will be used strictly to pay for child care for families who have gone through the proper channel. Any donation is tax-deductible.

Please contact the PTA at or the Chamber directly if you would like to assist.