Box Tops for Education

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For those of you unfamiliar with this program, it is a very easy way to make money for our schools. Simply CLIP Box Top labels found on the packaging of so many products you probably use on a regular basis, CHECK for a visible product acronym & expiration date, and SEND them to school. Box Tops are each worth 10¢ and they quickly add up to real cash for our school.

OUT WITH THE OLD… When the Box Tops program began over 23 years ago, sending in clips was really the only way to run the program. Over the years, technology has advanced at a remarkable rate opening all kinds of new opportunities. BTFE had a decision to make.... to stay in the past or find better ways to grow the program and GOING DIGITAL was their solution! They made this change for many reasons, but primarily to modernize the program for the next generation of participants and they believe that this new structure will allow Box Tops to attract more brands to participate in helping schools earn even more.

IN WITH THE NEW… Let’s ditch the scissors ✂ and pick up our phones to earn cash for our school. Just download the new & improved mobile app, register, select Marston Elementary School, Centre School, or Hampton Academy and then scan an eligible receipt containing Box Tops products. The app will automatically add Box Tops to our school’s earnings online AND you can track our school’s progress in real time. Multiple schools may be added to the app; however, only one school may be active at a time.

PLEASE NOTE: Clippable Box Tops will remain on some product packaging during the program transition. All clippable Box Tops will be accepted until they expire and, better yet, most participating brands are awarding both the receipt scan earnings and traditional clip earnings for a single product purchase during this time of transition. Just make sure to clip the Box Tops AND scan your receipt!

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BTFE Participating Products List - June 2020.pdf